Miss South Central

& Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen

Miss America and Miss America's Outstanding Teen Preliminaries



Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc.

Date: October 19, 2016

To:  Miss, Teen Applicants

From:  Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc.

RE:  Opening Number Attire

Contestants Opening Number Attire (Miss and Teen) is completely listed under both Miss and Teen Forms within their respective tabs above.  Miss South Central will be supplying you ytour opening number dress....you will be responsible for:  all appropriate under garmets, black heels, and appropriate jewelry (make sure to follow all directions on  the forms page, a photo of the dress is located there).

Date:  September 4, 2016

To:  Miss, Teen, Pre-Teen, Princess and Prince Applicants

From:  Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc.

RE:  Application Deadline

Contestants (Miss and Teen)/Participants Application Deadlines are as follows:

                       First Deadline:  October 26, 2016 (for photo to appear in program)

                       Final Deadline:  November 2, 2016 (NO photo in program)

If you have any questions/concern regarding dealines please contact us via our email at:  mascspi@sbcglobal.net

Date:  August 1, 2016


To:  Miss and Teen Contestants


From:  Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc.


RE:  2016-2017 Pageant Year Updates

 In April of this year, MAO revised some of the items in the judging guidelines for the Miss competition.  Please read the following information closely.   

Percentages for MISS competition categories for the 2017 Season:

    Interview – 25%   

    Talent – 30%   

    Evening Wear – 15%   

    Swimsuit – 10%   

    On­Stage Question – 20% 


Previously the percentage had been:


  1. Interview – 25%   

  2. Talent – 35%   

  3. Evening Wear ­ 20%   

  4. Swimsuit – 15%   

  5. On­Stage Question – 5%   


Teen competition percentages will remain the same as last season. 


There is to be only ONE on-stage quiestion during the ON-STAGE competition.  Previously the option had existed for the local director to elect to use two questions.  


This applies to Miss and Teen


Local pageants have been requested to moving the MISS on-stage question to the last phase of competition (however, keeping it separated from evening gown competition to better reflect the final night competition order at STATE and NATIONALS.  


TEEN gown and OSQ will remain combined per usual 


The Miss OSQ competition is to be held separately from the Evening Wear  competition.  Allowing judges to focus on the two competitions, individually, instead of filling out two ballots at once.     

Date:  July 24, 2016


To:  Miss and Teen Contestants


From:  Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc.


RE:  2016-2017 Pageant Year Updates


In an effort to keep contestants updated on changes during the 2016-2017 pageant year, we will make every effort to post information relevant to contestant competition, judging, general info, and changes in dates/times that we receive from MAO, Miss Indiana (Aren Straiger), field director (Barb Helm) or changes made by Miss South Central Program.


Pageant Date/Location


The Miss South Central and Miss South Central’s Outstanding Teen Pageants will be held on November 5, 2016.  We are still working on finalizing the times for the day.


Our pageant will again be held in Pruis Hall on the campus of Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.


Opening Number


We will be sending out a notification to all contestants on what they will need to wear for opening number as we grow closer to the pageant date.


Competition Area’s


Good taste is required in all phases of competition.  NO vulgar talents, indiscreet swimsuits or in appropriate eveningwear will be permitted. 


Final Ballot’s


Miss competition WILL NOT have a final ballot.

Teen competition WILL continue to have final ballot.


Contestant Interview Time


Miss interview competition is 9 minutes 30 seconds for questions from the judges and 30 seconds for the contestants closing remarks.


The Teen interview competition is only 6 minutes for judge’s questions.


Platform Statements


Both Miss and Teen platforms statements can be 100-200 words in length.

If a contestant turns in a platform statement longer than 200 words, the director WILL RETURN it to the contestant for revision.



We urge you to bring your own Pre-Teen/Princess/Prince to participate in this year’s pageant.  Information regarding the Princess and Prince Program can be found on our website at:  www.misssouthcentral.org


FYI - In compliance with both Miss America and Miss Indiana, again this year, there is to be no competition judging for Pre-Teens and/or Princesses and/or Princes.