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If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place........


In the great game of life, all decisions need to be weighed for their risks and benefits. Massage is one of those rare activities that you can choose to participate in that provides a multitude of benefits that can dramatically improve your life with very minimal risks.  


Massages can help you develop and maintain a state of general good health by:

~Minimizing the effects of stress

~Providing the path for needed rest and recuperation

~Promoting a healthier lifestyle

~Increasing energy through whole-body/mind systemic balance

~Stronger body systems that minimize susceptibility to colds and illnesses

~Improved concentration and mental focus

Website:  http://www.somato1.com/               E-mail:  somato1@comcast.net                Phone:  (765) 437-3772

A Note From My Heart:


It is also important that you understand that my credentials and eduction are the results of God's gift to me in the form of a strong passion for massage therapy.  In addition, I have been blessed with an enthusiasm to continuously learn about this intriguing area of complimentary healthcare.  In return, my gift to God is to constantly pursue more knowledge of the theory and application of the various modalities so I can continue to grow as a therapeutic massage practitioner.  My personal goal to to be a significant factor in the improvement in the quality of life of my clients.

Joe Gossett