Miss South Central

& Miss South Central's and

Miss East Central's Outstanding Teens

Miss America and Miss America's Outstanding Teen Preliminaries






The Miss South Central Scholarship Program, Inc. Princess & Prince Program is not a competition,,,

but rather a program designed for boys and girls, ages 4 to 12, who are looking to improve upon skills that promote self-confidence and poise while receiving mentoring from today’s young leaders who participate in Miss South Central and Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen Pageants.

What Is Included

One ticket for princess/prince chaperone;

Autographed photo of Miss South Central and/or Outstanding Teen;

Luncheon with Miss South Central and/or Outstanding Teen contestants;

Participation in Miss and Teen Pageant Production Number;

Princess Tiara or Prince Medal;

Miss South Central Program Book;

Certificate of participation; and

Enjoy the spotlight on stage.

Registration Fee $50

Attend events on November 5, 2016;

Production Rehearsal;

Royalty Luncheon;

Each participant needs a solid bright colored T-Shirt, a pair of blue jeans and white tennis shoes/sneakers  (Production number clothing);

Girls will need a fancy dress/shoes/accessories ~ boys will need dress shirt/tie/black dress pants/accessories (Production number clothing); and  

Current school photo for program book.        (No crowns in photo please.)

How To Register:​

Submit your registration form; your photo; and pay for your registration.